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About as Relevant as Carson Daly…

… But still fun nonetheless. Finally, a tauren-sized mount!

This Camel is Not Feeling My Vibes

Trying to finish up some Glory of the Cataclysm Hero achievements, I couldn’t help but notice that my druid looked like an absolute idiot on a camel.

Top 10 First-World (of Warcraft) Problems

It’s tough sometimes, isn’t it?

Sitting at home on your computer, sipping a soda, playing a game. We’ve all been there, right? Unsure of how to correctly perform during an encounter, but feeling too lazy to read our dungeon encounter journal? Forgetting we redid our keybinds and totally messing up our rotations? Listing an item in the Auction House only to be undercut mere minutes later? Sometimes it feels like no one understands just how tough it is. Well, I do, and I’m here for you. Let’s commiserate together, shall we?

10. Your backpack is full of valuable loot and you’ve been forced to exchange it for in-game currency before you can continue to pick up valuable loot.

9. You just saw someone else’s character that’s the same race as yours and realized you like the face they picked better.

8. You said some of your most hilarious material in guild chat seconds before a raid group got achievements and now you don’t think anyone got a chance to see how funny you are.

7. Someone in your random dungeon group asked for DPS meters, but you don’t want to post your Recount because you’re not at the top.

6. You tried to fake a disconnect during the raid so you could go play your level 5 gnome warlock, but you forgot that the raid leader is your RealID friend.

5. You won Ashes of Al’ar. On your first run. On your alt.

4. You hope no one realized that you popped all your cooldowns when the tank engaged the boss, but you forgot that he gives a speech before you can actually attack him.

3. You hate everyone who talks in trade chat but you don’t want to leave the channel.

2. You’re so bored because there’s just absolutely nothing to do in this game.

1. You’re lagging.