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Change of a Dress

Although I really liked wearing the Stormrage recolor and will probably switch back to it at some point in MoP if only out of respect to how long all the pieces took to drop and my resulting frustration, last night I felt a bit bored with it and opted for the tier 6 recolor (purchasable for 4500 honor from Kezzik in Netherstorm). Luckily, I had some honor and JP to convert stockpiled, so Sunflowers was a new woman in a matter of minutes.

Of course, I also hit up the barbershop and after a lot of debate, decided to go with the black-and-white cow-print skin. I’m surprisingly really happy with it, but I should be after half an hour of indecision. You know me.

My only gripe is I’m not entirely sure the gloves are a seamless match, even though they’re part of the set. They’re the same color as the side panels of the legguards, but I think some brown and a royal shade of blue (like the center of the legguards) would have tied it together better. Here’s a profile view of how it “matches”:

(Okay, it actually looks like it matches there, but in-game is a different story. Also, fact: tauren females have the best silhouette.)

Fashion Woes: My Guild Tabard Doesn’t Match My Transmog

As you can see by his unwavering commitment to a staring contest with the bar shelving unit, not even the tipsy orc gentleman beside me cares to admire my shapely physique when it’s shrouded in this primary color aesthetic crime. I’m all for guild pride, but what exactly am I “representing” here? Blindness?

Hopefully I’ll be exalted soon.