Curing Altoholism

I used to be an altoholic.

I had all the early warning signs in childhood — I got sick of my toys easily, followed my parents around the house screaming, “I’M BORED!”, and would come home from my first ballet class claiming that actually, my calling was soccer (and then volleyball and then crew and then cheerleading and then why hadn’t they let me stick with ballet? I could have been selling out The Nutcracker by now.). The usual.

So it was no surprise that when I started playing WoW, I had the same wavering commitment towards my characters. In Vanilla, having two level-capped characters was almost unheard of due to the relatively daunting time it took to even get one to level 60, so most of my alts stayed in the 20-40 range for the majority of the game. I liked trying out different classes, so much so that often times it was difficult to figure out who my “main” was — the one who was the highest level? The one I spent the most time playing? The one I enjoyed the most? I switched both mains and mainly-played-alts every expansion, unsure of what class I even had the most fun playing.

And then I rolled a druid and it became clear that no other class would ever compare.

On other characters, I miss being able to do stealth runs. I miss hopping out of the water in the middle of nowhere, popping into flight form, and bouncing away. I miss sprinting to where I’m supposed to be when something trivial distracts me. I miss knowing that if I want to, I can tank, heal, melee DPS or ranged DPS with just a respec (and an obnoxious gear grind, but still). I miss the mechanics of the class because they all click with me (on my warlock, I’m just like, “I don’t even” whenever a boss is pulled and I have to figure out which ability to press first; on my mage, I Arcane Blast with one hand and flip through a magazine with the other; on my holy paladin I wonder if I should use that cooldown now or wait or heal through it or… oh look, the boss is dead, didn’t use my cooldowns at all, fantastic). I’m fairly confident that for as long as I play, I’ll be playing my druid and mostly nothing else.

… Those monks look kind of interesting though, don’t they?

3 thoughts on “Curing Altoholism

  1. I have 1 priest at 80, and now 2 at 85, and 1 at 70. And a few lower level ones scattered around. Is it still alt-itis if they are all the same class?!

    I don’t know HOW people stay focused on just one or two characters. I wonder if having a stable guild will make a difference?

    I super loved leveling both of my druids though. I like resto better than feral but yeah…flight form is amazing, travel form is awesome, and STEALTH FTW!

  2. Gellfoot says:

    I wish I had this problem. I have been playing my Mage since Vanilla. (I lol’ed at the arcane blast magazine.) Now I feel like I am cheating on him whenever I play a different toon. I mean, there is so many achievement points I get in WoW, why would I give them to anyone else? No matter how much fun I think rogue is, or how excited I am about monk, I feel like the mage isn’t done yet. I am hoping account wide achievements fix my mental issues.

  3. Berkuku says:

    Usually whichever toon I’m playing currently becomes my “all time favorite forever and ever” toon. Up until I created my pally, my undead mage was my long-time main, and sometimes I too feel like I’m cheating on her by playing my hunter or my paladin. I think when MoP comes out, it’ll be my mage that I take out first. Probably. Maybe.

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