Healing Mushrooms: Why, Earthmother, Why?

One thing that’s always made me want to die a little about resto druids is our lack of damage mitigation and burst reactive healing. While I think being a preventative healer is interesting, I love playing resto, and I think glyphed Swiftmend is a great spell, topping a player off in a pinch can often be a very anxiety ridden activity.

Every expansion, I cross my fingers and hope for a big, fast heal with a medium cooldown (25 seconds or so) that reduces damage on the target by x amount for x seconds, or sticks a new HoT on the target for x seconds for x amount of the healed amount. I became convinced that in MoP, my prayers would be heard. Maybe we wouldn’t get the big, fast heal. Maybe Gift of the Earthmother would become an actual gift — when activated, the target would take 40% less damage for 5 seconds. That would actually be worth writing a thank-you note for.

I know. I’m dreaming. But druids need something, so when I first started reading about Healing Mushrooms, I was 50% excited and 50% skeptical. Now I’m about 90% skeptical.

If you’ve played a moonkin, you know the feeling of elation of entering solar eclipse and tossing your mushrooms down pre-pull and get ready to see a screen of satisfying numbers. You also know the feeling of dread when you realize your dopey tank is, for no apparent reason, dragging the mobs just out of their radius. That’s fine. You’ll just set up once mo– IS HE MOVING AGAIN?

When you consider this and the priest Lightwell ability — the spell that launched a thousand macros begging group members to please click it in order to not die — healing mushrooms quickly begin to look like a loveless marriage of the two most annoying variables in the game: positioning/movement and relying on other people to make good choices.

Sure — for forced stacked fights or fights that have absolute positioning requirements, I foresee healing mushrooms being pretty powerful — so powerful, in fact, that there’s little doubt in my mind that they’ll see at least one nerf after they go live. But with an unforgiving 8 yard radius and a “some assembly required” set-up, a situational ability with a high chance of error looks like a headache instead of an answer to our problems.

But who knows? I’ve been wrong before.

5 thoughts on “Healing Mushrooms: Why, Earthmother, Why?

  1. Gellfoot says:

    You are so right about this. The potential for healing mushrooms is so high, a few organized people will earn the spell a nerf. However, you will try so hard in instances and pugs and looking for raid to put it down, and when it finally pays off, the nerfed numbers will be low and disappointing. Sure glad I’m not a tree.. Wait.. Are there trees anymore?

    • It’s looking like druids can glyph to permatreeform in MoP, which I -think- I’m excited about, but I’ve gotten so used to my transmog that I don’t even know what I want anymore. WoW is hard.

  2. Haha I used to get so frustrated with no one clicking on my lightwell on my holy priest that I decided I would NEVER BE HOLY AGAIN. 😡

    I thought the main reason to play a boomkin was so you could get the moonkin hatchling and pretend you had a baby. 😀

  3. Berkuku says:

    Do the mushrooms include sage caterpillars with hookahs?

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