Farming in Deepholm, or Why My Characters Are Always Broke

Sometimes I wish that “the Lazy” was an actual achievement title. It would be a multi-parter — you’d have to win 100 battlegrounds without contributing anything substantial (no bases defended or assaulted, no flag returns, certainly no killing blows), defeat the end boss of a raid while either being disconnected or dead for more than 80% of the fight, ensure that the majority of your /played was amassed in your capital city, and of course have two maxed professions but make no effort towards using these professions for at least a full calendar year.

My druid’s professions of choice are herbalism and inscription. Herbalism as a tauren druid literally couldn’t be any easier, and yet this is how all of my “farming sessions” go:

Stage One: The stage in which I decide I probably won’t be able to afford gemming and enchanting any possible upgrades this week unless I, you know, find a way to make gold.

Stage Two: The stage in which I decide to farm whichever herbs are ripping players off by the largest margin at the moment.

Stage Three: The stage in which I whisper everyone I know online some variation of, “Ughhhhh, I have to go farm herbs.” and then wait for their sympathetic responses.

Note that we’re already at stage three and I haven’t even done anything yet.

Stage Four: The stage in which I port to the necessary zone and make my first circuit.

Stage Five: The stage in which I can’t collect my herb faster than I facepull the mob next to it, so I opt to fly away.

Stage Six (optional): The stage in which I spend more time screenshotting myself with attractive backdrops than I do actually farming anything.

Stage Seven: The stage in which I decide two stacks is enough and promptly hearth.


3 thoughts on “Farming in Deepholm, or Why My Characters Are Always Broke

  1. I only ever make it to stage 3 on my druid herbalist. Luckily the first person I complain to is usually my brother, who in order to shut me up, will send me a large amount of gold. 😀 SOLUTION: BECOME MY BROTHER’S SISTER SOMEHOW

  2. Berkuku says:

    Stage 6 is my favorite. I want to make a photobook of my Azerothian adventures! Also, farming in Deepholm is insanely profitable! Especially with Crusader Aura.

  3. Gellfoot says:

    Funny, I have the same process but I add a stage.

    Stage #Whatever: This is where I convince myself that putting on the TV will make this process less boring. I promptly get sucked into horrible programming and let an Orc Death Knight take all my nodes.

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